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"Will Power and Effort"


We specialize in helping individuals reach their goals of being more independent at school, work or daily life through Occupational and Assistive Technology services.


What People Say About Us


  • “Your reports are concise and yet very thorough. They allow me to understand how I can assist my clients in the most efficient and effective way possible. I appreciate how responsive you are when I reach out with additional questions. You schedule meetings with my clients as soon as you receive the authorization. If there are any questions or concerns regarding my clients I know you will reach out; this open line of communication is incredibly valuable”.

    RSA Counselor
  • “I really appreciate that you are always staying in contact with me and updating me about my client”. 

    RSA Counselor
  • “The reports are detailed and thorough.  I like the information provided in the recommendation section.” 

    RSA Counselor