October is National Ergonomics Month

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them.

Most people have heard of ergonomics and think it is something to do with seating or with the design of car controls and instruments – and it is, but it is so much more. Ergonomics applies to the design of anything that involves people – work spaces, sports and leisure, health and safety.

Ergonomics (or ‘human factors’ as it is referred to in North America) is a branch of science that aims to learn about human abilities and limitations, and then apply this learning to improve people’s interaction with products, systems and environments.

Ergonomics aims to improve work spaces and environments to minimize risk of injury or harm. So as technologies change, so too does the need to ensure that the tools we access for work, rest and play are designed for our body’s requirements.


Ergonomic/Workstation Assessment

Ergonomic assessments, also referred to as workstation assessments, ensure that a worker’s workstation is ergonomically designed to minimize the risk of injury and maximize productivity.

Assessments are conducted:
  • to support an injured worker return to work by ensuring that their workstation is designed to minimize any discomfort as they recover from their injury and prevent any aggravation of the injury.
  • for workers who work from home, to ensure their home work environment is safe and ergonomically designed.

4 out of 5 of us are at risk of injury purely because our chairs, desks, screens and other office equipment are set incorrectly. We’re all spending more hours sitting in front of our computer screens without taking the necessary breaks, consequently we suffer from increased muscle tension and chronic back pain.

Our individualized assessments of each client’s work environment will cover a wide range of topics, with a final report being produced to advise on the strengths and weaknesses of the current ergonomics within the work environment. Whether you require an individual workstation assessment for abrand new office chair, a sit-stand desk, or simply advice on how to obtain better use of your existing office equipment, Niraj Parikh and Kavia Parikh OTR/L can help.

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